During the 1950’s, women returned to the households and this was heavily reflected in their fashion. Femininity and glamour were two main components of their attire. Conservative long, wide skirts with slim waists were the main look for women during this time. Hourglass figures dominated the 1950’s. While clothing was predominantly traditional, women developed a new love for casual clothing. An increase of shorts and pants for women occurred. Despite the step back in women’s independence, fashion in the 1950’s included new and fresh looks.

Men’s fashion during the 50’s reflected their previous devotion to the war in the 40’s. A popular look for men during this time was known as The Military Look, consisting of shades of blue and green to reflect soldiers uniforms. Suits were loose fitted and dark colored. During a more casual event, men wore sweaters and vests, a tie was optional. 


After WW2, a toll was left on Americans that caused an increased interest in consumerism. One of the main things people gravitated toward during this time was cars. People’s love for car’s grew tremendously during the 50’s. This newly formed passion for automobiles was a subculture known as Car Culture. Primarily popular among teenagers. 


Marilyn Monroe was a famoud actress and model. Born and raised in LA, she overcame a rough childhood and went on to become one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950’s. Often known for playing “dumb blonde” characters is films, she



In order to breathe some warmth into the lives of people devastated by the war, pastels became the main color pallet of the 50’s. 


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