The 1930’s was an era of glamour and escapism. Despite having to leave lavish lifestyles behind due to the Great Depression, fashion remained as chic and posh as previous eras.


The 1930’s was a return to feminine appearances for women’s fashion. Dresses were slimmer and designed to show off the curves while still maintaining a comfortable fit. Glamorous attire was saved for evening attire, which took much inspiration from Hollywood stars. Hats were gradually becoming less popular amongst women, but when worn, they were narrow to show off the forehead.


During the 1930’s era, the athletic sportsman’s body become the ideal image for men. Clothing reflected this, as waistlines got slimmer and shoulder pads grew longer to enhance bisects. Trousers became high waisted. Dress shirts remained traditional, button down and a pointed collar. The Polo shirt was a must have for men during the 1930’s.


“Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.” 

– Picasso

Pablo Picasso largley incorporative techniques such as reconstructed perspective and layering in his paintings. Cubism was also a main component in Picasso’s artworks.


Despite the Great Depression impact on the economy during the 1930’s, cars continued becoming more luxurious and efficient. Radios, heaters, and automatic transmission were added to cars. They mostly included rounded edges. Speed of cars increased as well. Cars were becoming closer to what we know of them today. 



Art deco was well incorporated in 1930’s interior design, as it was becoming more accessible to middle class buyers. 



1930’s interior color palettes were fairly light. Pastels were most commonly used, specifically cream and ivory. Pastel pinks, greens, and yellow were well utilized. Shades greens and reds were used to contrast these light colors. 


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