ezgif-com-6c52fc48c0It’s no surprise that The Great Gatsby is my inspiration for this week, since I’ve been researching 1920’s fashion for my blog. I’ve loved The Great Gatsby since I read it in the 7th grade. I’ve read the book multiple times as well as watched the movie. The most inspiring component of The Great Gatsby, book and 2013 film, for me is it’s portrayal of the 1920’s era, the lavish parties and extravagant looks. Everything is big, fun, and glamorous, every shot is full of vibrant colors and it allows the audience to get a sense of the euphoric parties thrown during the roaring 20’s era. The costume design is one of my favorite parts of the film and helped give me an idea of 1920’s attire while working on my blog.ezgif-com-349be6ad2f


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