The Roaring 20’s are known as a pivotal moment in fashion history, specially women’s wear. After World War I, a shift in culture occurred, not just in fashion but in lifestyle. The party scene began to expand and people started valuing a materialistic lifestyle. This shows in the fashion of the 1920’s…


Women began to shift away from the formal wear that restricted them during previous decades. They embraced their feminine expression and started wearing stylistic clothing. Dresses became less fitted, shorter, and more comfortable. Heels got taller, but still remaining at a height comfortable enough for dancing. Women also began cutting their hair shorter to fit a nontraditional style, wearing headbands and hats to accompany the bobbed hair styles. Women also began wearing clothing that was traditional masculine such as long coats and trousers.


The shift is fashion during the 1920’s did not only apply to women. Though the change was not as drastic for men, the roaring twenties introduced new styles for mens wear as well. Men began branching out of strictly neutral colored suits and began wearing more shades of red, blue, and green. Suits could include patterns as well, usually neutral colors stripes. Similar to women’s dresses and skirts, men’s suit pants grew looser over the time of the 1920’s for a more comfortable fit. Suits were loose-fitted during the day time for casual events and got tighter for evening wear during formal events.



Some of the most popular cars/automobiles of the 1920’s are:

  • Austin 7
  • Ford Model A
  • Lancia Lambda
  • Cadillac V-16
  • Ford Model T




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